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Does our wood siding & trim need to be replaced?

Dry rot, mold and water stains are signs of potential issues.  The building's siding provides an extra barrier protecting the building paper (waterproofing) and framing.  Once the buildings wood exterior is compromised, there can be hidden damage underneath of a more extensive problem. 

By identifying and repairing damaged wood components, you can save your HOA the headache of major framing repairs and extensive project costs. 


Signs to watch out for

- Wavy or warped siding & trim

- Rusty, missing, or popping nails

- Termite damage

- Dry rot or mold

- Water stains

Brook Construction Management provides Siding & Trim Studies that helps HOAs identify the magnitude of repairs needed. The reports can then be used to help with Reserve Studies to ensure your HOA has the funds to complete the repairs.  

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